You can enroll in advanced courses and study right from your home – we give you all necessary theoretical basics and practical assignments. You immediately reinforce your skills applying new knowledge, boost your professionalism and get more confident that you can use it in new art works by yourself.

You receive a materials package

All of the materials are stored in your personal office – you can paint and make your home assignments at any comfortable time.



Feedback from the educator

Our painting & drawing lessons include professional consultations, advices and support from the teaching artist. The feedback is offered during online webinars, in chats and special discussion boards.


Art community and communications

Painting courses are about students community, sharing your experience and support.


YOU GET THE RESULT and experience

You finish your study with a spectrum of knowledge and skills you can apply working on your future

paintings & drawings.

All of the classes are recorded in a light studio using professional cameras and sound equipment. Due to HD-quality and close-ups you can see each stroke without any color distortions.


Join our new original courses. Artists-educators are actively enrolling students and ready to start soon. We’re waiting for you!


"Основы компоновки: шаг к самостоятельности", старт 27 января

Ведущий: художник-педагог Георгий Харченко.

Курс состоит из теоретического
и практического блока. Вы научитесь объединять несколько сюжетов в один по всем правилам композиции и создавать новые картины самостоятельно

Пакеты от 3790.-