Everyone’s a creator!

Studying painting is available for everyone from now on. Study with us from your home at any time that

fits you. An open painting knowledge base, regular free webinars and original courses are all yours.








We have a solution for everyone.

Have you recognized yourself?

You dream of painting from little up though you’ve never touched a brush.

Our students start studying painting at 20, 50 and 70 years. It’s never too late. Take a look at our

students’ stories for some inspiration to create your own masterpieces. We’ll help you manage with
painting and drawing from the very beginning. We’ve created series of free introduction classes for each
technique – you’ve got everything for the kick-off!
You already paint on a regular basis and now you want to upgrade your painting level and achieve
significant results
Experienced artists will find profound knowledge and inspiration. Together we’ll paint complex subjects,
figure out your original technique and even turn hobby into an income source.

Looking for new techniques, ideas, inspiration and community

We’re not just a school. We’re a community where you can find soul mates, love and support. That’s

what we give you in our classes for newcomers and advanced students. Everyone will find their ways.
Join us!

In a search for a new hobby

Once having touched a brush you won’t leave it anymore. You’ll feel relaxed during the process and

realize continious growth. Painting gives you life-long inspiration! Over 50 000 students from different
countries have checked it on their own!



Who would describe us better than our students?

Yekaterina Onyanova

Thanks to the Oil painting School for creativity, sustainable development (both yours and mine), and perfect educators team.

Alfiya Gibaddulina:

I adore this school for professional educators (Yulia K., Nadezhda I. and Georgii Kh.) and high quality workshops in the first place! That’s important for me! Because I choose all the best for myself!
I would like to express gratitude to the Oil painting School for the possibility not only to buy courses but to study for free as well (by winning contests and using points)! Last summer I’ve taken part in a “likes & shares” contest, won the 1st place, earned points and exchanged it for Nadezhda’s course “Get A’Live!” (“О! Живи!”)
Be brave, friends! You also have all the chances to win and create!


Lyudmila Durymanova: 

Accidentally, or by God’s grace, I’ve learnt about this school and now I’m really happy about it. Every proposal from this school is catching my attention that I want to participate in each course and admire the results afterwards. And all of the people around you are glad about it as well! I want that to keep going on!

I’ve joined the school in September, 2019, and I’m really grateful to Nadezhda Ilina and Natalya for mesmerizing stories. You want to get to the canvas immediately after listening to Nadezhda’s explanations to reproduce a painting. And I want to join each course!

Thank you, our fairies-mammas! That’s your attitude towards us: you inspire and lead us, comfort us in despair so we don’t want to leave. And we won’t!  

Olga Zinovskaya: 

I won’t stop admiring Oil painting School! For a year already a part of my soul stays with you!

I try to watch each free webinar and create paintings after the most inspiring and attractive subjects.

Let’s get to know each other closer?

We’re ready to have a bet: after 5 minutes of this video your heart will be with us

Don’t hesitate to join us right now!

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